New Potty Chart

Potty training is on my mind all the time, and in order to try and make it fun when possible, I've been making potty charts with Pinky Panda Bear for my daughter to get excited about. Because I want to make sure it keeps being engaging and fun for her, I've added a character to each of the charts. Eventually this will become untenable, but for the moment, it's not a big deal. She requested Nick the Beaver this time (he's an engineer who builds all the things that Pinky, Dozer, and Igor use to go on their adventures. Yesterday he built a robot to clean up their play room. It didn't go well (but that means there'll be a book, so I guess it went well overall.)

Pinky Potty Chart 3.png

Here is the Potty Chart:

Hopefully she like the way Nick turned out. I think he looks all right. But he'll keep on changing as I figure out more about the way Pinky and the other characters should look and move in the world I'm building. 

All right. Back to making. Thanks to everyone for your support.