A Year of Kids' Books #12

I am into the concept stage for the character design for the next book about Snailiarty. This book was (as most of them have been) inspired by my daughters and one of their toys and some of the amazing things they've said over the past year. I have decided to do the book digitally from start to finish because I am going to broadcast some of the work on Twitch.Tv. 

I am continuing to refine how I use Twitch and am planning to very soon incorporate youtube as well. This blog will never die, though, since writing is something that I hope to never stop doing. But since it is so easy to make videos now, it doesn't really make sense to rely on a single medium for communication. The same is true for making art; I will keep doing watercolors, and I will keep working with physical materials as well, and I will also start to make some of those available for purchase. More on that sometime soon.

Here is the little painting I did of Snailiarty on a leaf. I'm not sure this is the version of the character that I am going to go with, but I like it enough to show the world. I thought I might paint it to get an oil(y) painting feel, but I haven't done enough oil painting to be happy with the results. Maybe at some point I'll move away from the line work and focus more on an oil painting style, but for now I'm focused on drawing and coloring the way that I do it best. 

Thanks to all for your support.

 Snailiarty "resting" on a leaf.

Snailiarty "resting" on a leaf.