A Year of Kids' Books #14: Back on Track

Finally I am back into the swing of things with this third book. We're already well into April, and that means I am behind schedule on this one, but now that I have all the illustration roughs worked out, I can focus on doing the watercolors and then snapping the pictures of the finished images and then send the book out to Immedium Press.

As soon as I finish this book and send it off, then I'll get into the next one. I've finished two more books (written the stories), and I have plenty of Pinky Panda Bear ideas, but an idea that goes unfinished isn't worth much and I have to remind myself of that once in a while so that I can focus. Finish what you've started or else you may drown in a sea of unfinished projects.

Here is a digital version of Dozer that I did this morning to get back in the swing of things. The image that will appear in the book will just be of Dozer pointing her thumb at herself. The tree and rock were just practice pieces I tossed in there while I fooled around with different brushes.

Happy Wednesday.

Dozer me too about naps.png