A Year of Kids' Books #16 Snailiarty Concepts

Snailiarty Concept 5.png

Now that I have the first full-length Pinky Panda Bear book behind me, I am working on a book about Snailiarty. This is a shorter and simpler book about moderation. He likes mints. He eats too many mints in a short time. He learns a lesson.

I've had a lot of fun with the concept phase for this one because I can take a lot more chances digitally and not have to worry about running out of paper or paint. 

Here are some of the ideas that I've come up with.

Snailiarty Cover idea #!.png
Snailiarty Mint in Mouth #1.png
Snailiarty with goggles and fuel gauge.png

I'll get started on the roughs for the book tomorrow, and it'll be Snailiarty with the fuel gauge. I came up with the idea after my mom suggested maybe a compass on his shell. So it was her idea, sort of. I'm still not sure if I am in love with the line art style, but if I do it all and then realize I want to do it a different way, then it'll be easy enough. All it takes is time. Slow and steady. Snail on, folks  Snail on.