A Year of Kids' Books #17: Full Steam Ahead!

Snailiarty Painterly style.png

I could work on these concepts for eternity, but in order to move on to the next Pinky Panda Bear book, I need to finish this book that is being written by Pinky Panda's Dad. So here is the style (roughly) I'll be using for Snailiarty. It is likely that I won't be making him a steam snail (although it was fun adding the stove pipe to this image), I will keep the fuel gauge on his shell because it makes sense for the story. I don't know if I'll blend the colors as much in the final images. I liked seeing the brush strokes because of the texture it built up, but I'll address that when the time comes. 

So here we are: Snailiarty in all his snail-ness. He's got a lot of mints to eat, so I better start feeding him.