A Year of Kids’ Books #18 Nursery Rhyme Remixes

 Humpty Dumpty: Private Eye

Humpty Dumpty: Private Eye

In order to get the Youtube channel up and running in a manageable way, I've begun a series called: Nursery Rhyme Remixes.

I'll be rewriting nursery rhymes and illustrating them. Some of the work will be done live (perhaps from start to finish depending on how well things move along), and some of them will be completed and uploaded directly to the Youtube channel as time permits.

This week I am working on Humpty Dumpty. The roughs are already completed, and tomorrow morning on the Twitch stream, from 5:30 until 6:30 a.m., I'll be refining and painting away at it so that I can send the final version to Highlights magazine. Click the button below to find my Twitch Channel.

The Snail Who ate Too Many Mints is coming along well, but I am still very deep in the rough stage. The book will be about 32 pages, and that means it'll be about 32 illustrations, and that means I'll have about 32 paintings to do. Why did I decide to paint them instead of just doing it in a simple style like Sandra Boynton or Mo Willems? Because I am a fool, and I have never done things the easy way.

The video announcement for the youtube series is below.

This video is about the new BDJ Makes Project: Nursery Rhyme Remixes