A Year of Childrens' books #19 "Dummies"

 Snailarina is surprised at sunset.

Snailarina is surprised at sunset.

I am nearing the half-way point for this year's major project (aside from being a good dad and husband: my 'main' project from now till I reach my expiration date), and I just discovered that in the world of children's book writing and illustration you don't submit the fully illustrated book for consideration. A "dummy" is the text with sketches....

I'm used to having to complete an entire book before submitting it, and that made me assume that the same was true for this type of writing. It is not. 

I don't regret having learned this information after doing the first book already because I learned a lot doing it that way. I'm glad I know it now though, because I can focus more on getting the whole idea down in the sketch phase before sending the books out in the future. I blame it on working so hard for so long on so many projects that I did not get compensated for with anything other than CV lines that I am now able to use for nothing more than kindling. But kindling is important. Winters are cold around here.

The roughs for The Snail Who Ate Too Many Mints are nearly complete. I'll give it a couple more passes, and see if I can remove or add any additional images to the book, and then I'll get on with the next in the series of Pinky Panda Books. 

And for tomorrow, the second Nursery Rhyme Remix stream will begin at 5:30 a.m. 


Jack and Jill was requested by my mom, and that's what I'll be tackling. I've already rewritten it. So let the sketching begin. Come by and say hi if you're an insomniac or if you wake early.

Happy Tuesday.