A Year of Kids' Books #20 Jack and Jill Page 2

 Jack and Jill jump from the stream.

Jack and Jill jump from the stream.

The second page of Jack and Jill is well underway. This remix is taking a little longer than the previous one, but as I have said before, the most important thing I want to get across to anyone who encounters this blog or my twitch channel or youtube channel is that life will constantly ask you to adapt to your surroundings, and it is your job to adapt. The day you stop adapting is the day you stop living. 


I don't mean to imply anything bad happened; I just mean that I have many different responsibilities, and in order to meet those, I have to prioritize the work that I do. And that's what everyone has to do in order to live well. 

Fortunately I didn't set a goal of doing one of these a week; I try not to set myself up for failure when I can, and a goal like that would've been tough to achieve considering all the other projects I'm working on while also trying to be a decent husband and father.

On the first of next month, Igor the Elephant is a Big Old Grump and The Snail Who Ate Too Many Mints will be sent off to publishers, and I will begin work on the next Pinky Panda Bear book. After that, it'll be time for the next book. Each Wednesday from 5::30 till 6:30 a.m. it'll be Nursery Rhyme Remix time. 

I'll post the voice-over versions on Youtube once I finish learning how to use Davinci Resolve so that I don't have to keep using the same cheeseball effects from iMovie. Unless someone wants to buy me Final Cut Pro X. I won't complain :) Of course I would rather someone get me a Wacom Cintiq pro 24 inch. Just tossing it out there. I'd be grateful. Might even make you a custom book.

Happy Wednesday. Keep on Making.