This Year of Kids' Books #23 Oinkby's Alive!

Things are changing around here all the time. We've had a lot of great news as a family and I'm extremely grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened for us over the past few years. I know my wife doesn't have time to read this stuff, but I am going to say congratulations. She knows what I mean. She's the hardest working person I know and she motivates me to work harder every day. 

Priorities got shifted for a while. I'm in the middle of an 18x24 watercolor for my wife's new office, and paintings that large take me a long time. I can't just work on it for a few days in a row for hours on end each day. Anyway. It's getting closer and that means I am about ready to dig back into the next book.

Pinky the Panda Bear seemed like the right place to go before I got off track, but I'm probably moving away from that for the next couple of books. I have a few simpler stories with fun characters that I've bumped up on the list. One of those characters is Oinkby. He's a nice and furry monster that Shannon asked me to draw. But I know if I try to keep up with all the book ideas she hands me day to day then I'll never finish another book so long as I live.

So here is a picture of Oinkby:



I plan to do up the dummy for his first book soon.

Have a good weekend everyone.