This Year of Childrens' Books #26

Finally Snailiarty and Snailarina are out the door, and I'm on to the next book. I could've rushed it, and I think that the style I did the book originally worked okay, but I feel that all the revisions I've done since completing the first version have helped the book to be a lot more fun (both the art revisions and also the story revisions.) Thanks to my wife for reading this book about snails and looking at all these snail pictures over the past couple of months. I'm sure she's ready for me to move on too. 

Here are the two final paintings that will be included in the book dummy done in the style I have landed on for the book. I think this style is more fun and colorful than the line art style I was using before. And, after all, the more fun I have doing the illustrations, the more likely the people who read the book are to have fun when they look at them.

Snailiarty compliments Snailarina.png
Snailiarty is shocked.png

Okay. Onto this little book about Oinkby.