Here's what people are saying about Battle Rattle:

Chosen as an Amazon "Best Book of the Year So Far" for 2016!

"Jennings is an intense and masterful story-teller, and like a blood-soaked boot kick in the gut followed by a chaser of whiskey and razor wire, "Battle Rattle" delivers in spades. I couldn't put this book down." —Brian Castner, Author of The Long Walk and All the Ways We Kill and Die

Brandon Davis Jennings’ brilliant and beautifully-crafted new book, Battle Rattle, scrubs the varnish off of the war narrative we’ve come to expect, and finds the strange and oft-ignored ornaments of our stressed-out and recuperating world.  Among them, Jennings uncovers—via a fresh, cockeyed, often exhilarating, and always observant voice—unexpected connections to the mores that have wormed themselves into the hiccupping electrons of contemporary humanity, and a weird, breathtaking holiness besides.  This book, as it interrogates “the dumbass dualities of man we all seem aware of and are still unable to conquer,” is at once raw and almost unbearably fragile, braiding swagger with the sort of delicacy that essentially and hypnotically undoes us.  With Battle Rattle, Jennings further establishes himself as a keen cultural critic, and writer to treasure. —Matthew Gavin Frank, author of The Mad Feast and Preparing the Ghost

Don’t drop your guard, because Brandon Davis Jennings writes knockout prose. He aims for — and strikes — the off button that will floor an unsuspecting reader. Once you regain yourself, he'll have you laughing at the fun tragedy of it all. But don’t worry. His Battle Rattle isn’t shock-and-awe fiction; it’s narrative counterinsurgency. Jennings wins the hearts and minds of his readers because he intimately knows the hearts of minds of his characters. Civilians and veterans alike. Men and women caught flailing in the black-gloved grip of conflict, where lines blur between the wars being fought — martial and marital. Read Battle Rattle and find yourself eagerly surrendering to the superior force — the mastery — of a writer telling a story that every American needs to hear.  — Jay Baron Nicorvo, author of The Standard Grand and Deadbeat

Battle Rattle is a story that explores the cost of war off the battle field. Even if we've never been, the price paid by soldiers who do battle, in injuries and lives, is obvious. But what about the difficulties in making the transition back and forth from war zone to home? The price the soldiers pay as well as those around them and the struggles to work through for all concerned is explored in this short novel. If you're looking for a breezy read to escape the world for a few hours, this isn't the book for you, but if you're willing to bite off something more weighty and intense, this is a great choice. 5-star rating from Big Al's Books and Pals.