The Bombmaker's Wife 3rd Amazon Review

 Picture of Adam Schuitema's thumb and my book.

Picture of Adam Schuitema's thumb and my book.

The Bombmaker's Wife has received it's 3rd Amazon review and I am happy to say it is another positive review. I've got some more good news to share about it (it did not win the 20,000 pounds, which is a bummer, but you can't always win the 20,000 pounds; trust me.) Anyway, here is what the reviewer had to say:

"Jennings suggests that if we fail to share or listen to each other's histories, we have no path to understanding. Stories can be our salvation. As Zeva explains, through stories "two people who come from very different worlds might understand one another better than two people who come from the same one.

I'll share the other news about The Bombmaker's Wife tomorrow once I have a chance to write the full post and give out all the details. Thanks so much to all who've read the book and taken the time to review it on Amazon, and thank you to the folks who've gone to Library Thing and requested review copies. 

Those of you who've spoken to me directly to say you liked the book: thank you too. Hopefully you'll tell your friends about it. This is the way "advertising" works in the world of independent writing. So until I'm lucky enough to be annoyed by an agent and a press, you guys are my army of support. 

The picture above is of Adam Schuitema (author of a ton of great stuff including a new collection of stories that is available here: The Things We Do That Make No Senseholding my new book, and I cannot explain how important this kind of gesture is to me. No one in the world has to buy anyone's book. But when people see that others have it makes other people much more willing to give the book a chance. So if you or someone you know has bought my book and if you or they would like a little shout out on my blog, send me a photo of yourself with my book (preferably not while burning it or defacing it in any way; at least not until after you've read it). All your support is welcome in all forms. So thank you specifically to Adam Schuitema here. And if you are interested in literary fiction, please go check out the link to his stuff on Amazon that I posted above. You will not be disappointed.

And if you are ready to check out my newest book, then click the button below to go to amazon and get a copy in either digital or paperback.. Also: I promise there will be no more portraits of George W. Bush. Unless you want to pay me for them. Then we can talk. I could use the money to buy a full set of copic markers and a rapidograph pen. 

Finally: for lighter "fare" you can check me out on Patreon where I am working on my Dr. Househusband comic. It's a (mostly weekly) strip. It's free, unless you want to support me. Which you can. I won't cry about it. Okay bye.