The Literary Review 60th Anniversary Issue!

Back before The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault was even an idea, I was submitting many of the little essays that made it into that book to magazines and journals. Many of them were published (thankfully). 

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The Literary Review was kind enough to publish three of my essays in a single issue. The issue was called "Cry Baby" and eventually a couple essays from that issue were translated and published in a Czech magazine. (I had no idea until after they were already translated and the magazine was printed, but when I contacted them about it, they sent me a couple copies and got me in touch with the translator and it was fine.)

A couple days ago when I walked down to my mailbox to grab all the junk mail, I noticed a letter from The Literary Review which I just assumed was one of those subscription renewal notices that  I get all the time. I opened it and read it and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were asking if I would be interested in letting them include one of the essays from The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault in their 60th anniversary issue. 


This means so much to me (and probably to Tim Johnston at Little Presque Books as well). I am obviously hoping to get more interviews and readings and reviews. All those things are extremely valuable to me as a writer; those are the ways my book gets attention, and a book needs attention if anyone is going to buy it. A book no one knows about is a book no one reads. So for The Literary Review  to ask to reprint one of my essays right now when I need all the help I can get to spread the word about this new book is a serious blessing.

This book would not exist without the encouragement and support of all the magazines out there who said yes to my work as I was in the middle of it. My success is also partly a result of all those magazines who said no to the work. Rejections drive me probably more than acceptances do. If no one ever told me no, then I would have little desire to work harder.

If you haven't grabbed a copy of The Red Book or Operation Iraqi Freedom is My Fault yet, then you can do so by clicking one of the buttons below. Tim and I are hard at work trying to get it onto the shelves at indie bookstores near you. 

Thank you all for your support in whatever form it has been in. 

It'll be on the shelf somewhere as soon as we can make it happen. Until then, your best way to get it is by clicking the buttons below: