Turkish Doner Kebab Cart Owner Beaten and Hospitalized

 Sketch of Altan Dimirci while sitting in hospital room.

Sketch of Altan Dimirci while sitting in hospital room.

Altan Dimirci, the owner of Altan's Awesome Kebab's stand was beaten and hospitalized in the early morning hours of Friday. Although his injuries are not life threatening, he was non-responsive when the Riverside Police arrived on scene.

Dimirci said that his assailants yelled, "Go home, Muslim," to him just before they began beating him.

In an interview inside his hospital room, Dimirci said, "But I'm not Muslim. I am a Christian, and I am a second-generation American. I just want to sell people good food."

Dimirci did not recognize his attackers, but he hopes that the increasing tension in the city of Riverside can somehow be curbed. "This is a beautiful city, and it's a beautiful country. I don't understand where all the hate is coming from."

There are rumors of a growing white-supremacist movement on Riverside's West side, but our editors were hesitant to print that information without being able to verify it in any substantive way. The two recent attacks and the report that Dimirci filed stating that his assailants called him a Muslim before attacking, make it seem likely that hate groups are forming and are becoming emboldened to act.

Altan's Awesome Kebab's has been a staple in the community for fifteen years. "I used to love working late at night and giving food to people who'd spent their night dancing and having fun," said Dimirci. "Now I don't know if I will ever have the courage to work after dark again."

Riverside Police Chief Willis stated that, "We will find these criminals and stop this horrific violence. There is no place for this garbage in our city or in America. It's our job to stop this, and we will do our job. No matter what it takes."